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The education division aims to expand Columbia’s technical education and provide the necessary resources to learn about distributed ledger technologies and its applications.

Educating Thought Leadership

Courses, Lectures, Workshops, Information

The education committee focuses on being a hub of resources that spread relevant data to our community and student body. From presentations about the bitcoin network, to smart contract development workshops, to seminars at Hackathons; B@C is devoted to expanding current technical understanding outside of the classroom.

Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies - A free non-credit course at Columbia

B@C will facilitate a non-credit course with lectures occuring twice a week and ran by B@C officers, guest speakers, and potentially Columbia faculty members. The curriculum of the course will provide an overview of cryptography, consensus mechanisms, Bitcoin mining and attacks, simplified payment verification, wallet security, hard/soft forks, smart contracts, decentralized applications, token economics, “fat-layer” protocols, zero-knowledge proofs, privacy chains, side-chains, regulatory concerns, and impact on environment/society (depending on the progression of the course). It will consist of readings from the textbooks Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies: A Comprehensive Introduction by Narayanan, Bonneau, Felten, Miller and Goldfeder, Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Cryptocurrencies by Andreas Antonopoulos, as well as several white papers and research papers. There will be problem sets and exams of sorts.